Welcome to the homepage of 'Together' Science Education for the Future (ToSEF), an organization supported by the Brain Korea 21 Plus project.

We believe that SNU’s Science Education department has a great potential in becoming a globally renowned research and education institution. SNU has continuously demonstrated a great potential in the science education sector from its outstanding and talented professors and students alike. ToSEF organization is made up of over 80 members from SNU’s Science Education including 20 faculty members, 3 post-doctoral scholars, as well as PhD and Masters students.

Confronting the world's efforts in cultivating creative people in preparation of this fast-changing society, ToSEF aims to elevate the science education community by proposing new agendas for the future society and corresponding mid- to long-term goals. In this crucial time of world change, ToSEF attempts to become a leading institution in science education aiming to maintain human resources advanced in ability and to develop creative science and technology.

Advancing science via education and Advancing education via science is the foundation on which ToSEF want to build a high caliber science education community that can really lead the future’s society. By utilizing established competence in both science and education, ToSEF will play a pivotal role in developing the society and education sector overall.

ToSEF would be managed within the following goals:

1) Establish a foundation on becoming a central hub for science education in East Asia in efforts to become a leading research institution for science education in all of Asia. Ultimately, ToSEF hopes to become a key global ambassador for science education institutions.

2) Prepare a foundation to lead future society by utilizing ToSEF’s balanced human resource and potential capability in both areas of science education and cutting-edge science.

3) Adapt to academic future generations by fostering key values such as GloCal research capability, integrated accomplishment and smart update capability.

We are confident that when the BK21 PLUS project nears its end, the international science education experts of professional capability will be produced and that department of Science Education in SNU can reach on a global front. We hope to plant deep roots of passion and desire and be considered as one of the top advancing institutions of Science Education.


Jinwoong Song